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Be Ready For The Holidays With These SEO Strategies For Better Conversions

Be Ready For The Holidays With These SEO Strategies For Better Conversions

The holiday season is around the corner and to consumers, this means a time for partying and shopping. Whether it is Black Friday, Cyber Monday, Christmas, or New Year, millions of people shop for themselves and their friends and loved ones. If you are having an eCommerce website, then necessity says you must be ready for that in advance.

For eCommerce marketers and business owners, being prepared for the time with advanced strategies is a way to stand out. When you managed to invest early in seasonal optimization, and then can be able to get a better position in SERP along with more traffic and better conversions for better sales.

Get Ready With A Schedule For SEO Strategy:

45 Days –┬áThe safest idea to be in the game is to be in the game by adding promotions on the website and making that promote through Social media and email newsletter.

7 Days – You can promote the upcoming events on social media platforms and make customers encouraged to do it too.

1 Day – Make customers reminded on various social media handled using different ways.

Let SEO does its magic with the SEO strategies that make you able to achieve what you are looking for.

  • Renovate The Website Architecture –

    For eCommerce businesses, it is highly necessary to have a unique online presence, and for that, the website architecture plays a vital role. This will indicate how your website and server get done with the communications. The architecture of the website should deliver a great experience to users. The entire pages on your website need to be uniform and work in support of Search Engine Optimization. Along with that, the site architecture includes web hosting, applications on the hosting server, plugins, add-ons, and extensions as well that are important for the proper functioning of the website. Due to the heavy traffic of a website, your website should not crash down, and deal with that make yourself ready with support, security, bandwidth, and speed of servers.

  • Check The Sitelinks –

    Using site links the customers can land directly to the subpages of the website under some Google listings which are there to help users navigate the site. These links are there on the search results to make the process simplified. They are easy shortcuts for the users to reach the pages they want to visit. It makes your website more visible and then you get better space for the ads, then get higher click-through rates (CTR). This is an important SEO strategy that works in favor of your business.

  • Error-Free Internal Linking Structure –

    Each page of the website works differently and ranks differently on the individual pages in SERP and so you should consider internal linking as the vital part of SEO strategy. Your eCommerce business website has hundreds of pages and has error-free internal linking. Make sure you are ready with that especially during the holiday season.

  • Website Should Be Mobile-Friendly –

    As online shopping is common nowadays so that it become common that people to search for eCommerce websites using their mobiles or tablets. In case, your website is not compatible with that they it will directly affect the traffic. Even, Google rewards the websites that are mobile responsive and gets better ranks in search results. During the holiday season, users spend more time on their mobile devices whether for chatting, browsing, or shopping. For a mobile-friendly eCommerce business, you need to have a responsive design that will act according to the user’s screen size. This also boosts the user experience and gives them a unified shopping experience.

  • Use Precise Local Business Listings –

    As the holiday season is around the corner then the local consumers will be ready with their listings and search for the items from nearby locations. Use reliable and precise references for the business name, location, and contact number that can work wonders to rank in local search results. This is an impactful SEO strategy that has logic behind that, like, if you have the wrong contact number or other information, then users will mind trusting you and affect your business though.

  • Google My Business Page –

    When you want to have appeared better in local search results, then Google My Business with being a great SEO strategy works wonders for you. Google depends more on the business information on GMB rank search results with local intent like hours, location, customer reviews, and product and services included. Also, Google has a list of holiday season supporting the special hours, so that can be added in GMB. If your business has extended business hours then it will make you more finable other than businesses with normal hours.

  • Use Holiday Season-Friendly Pay Per Click Advertising –

    This has become a trending SEO strategy for Christmas or other holidays like Black Friday, Halloween, New Year and Cyber Monday, etc. that you can attract more customers by making them find what they are searching for with your marketing campaigns. Even studies said that during festive times, the direct traffic to the websites rises to almost double. This increase in traffic makes you more visible, gets better traffic, and better business as well. The task can be done by promoting you on the various social media handle using attractive content to explain about offers or perks they are going to receive. Make sure your eCommerce transaction process is user-friendly to leave a better impact on users.

  • Use The Power Of Social Media –

    All your SEO efforts will go in vain if you will not creatively use the Social Media strategy during this holiday season. Social media platforms have all the power to boost organic traffic generation. Popular platforms including Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter are effective in terms of passing traffic to your website. For this purpose, you can use the trending holiday theme hashtags for social platforms and gets a boost to your business with a boost in sales. Introduce special offers and attractive coupons for the customers. Make sure you answer all their queries and address their concerns as well.

  • Prepare Holidays Centric Landing Pages –

    Holidays are the time to spruce up the storefronts, but make sure you keep the digital presence in the same way. Customers prefer to go for the targeted page making them find with ease what they want in place of a busy homepage. This is the time when the landing page can make a difference for you. Many social media channels take you directly to the landing pages with quality content and the product you are looking for. Make sure you don’t miss that for your business.

Conclusion –

Christmas and New Year are around the corner and businesses as well as customers have their plans to be ready for the season. The concrete SEO base for the business will make you ahead in the competition. You can use the above-mentioned tips, which are a great idea to have better business during the season. A1webs is a digital marketing agency that can manage your digital presence. With our strategies, we promote you on social media and use the strategies to be kept a close connection with customers. Contact us today for more information.

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